AvaTaxFix Monthly Subscription

Avataxfix is a SAAS that allows you to forgo the expense of having a Shopify plus subscription when it comes to integrating Shopify with automated Avalara tax connection historically speaking you had no choice but to upgrade to Shopify plus. For you Reference

We originally created this service out of personal necessity. For our product lineup and limited sales shopify plus plan fees were way out of our reach. We only needed the plus package to fix our tax nightmare as it integrates with Avalara directly but so much cost for such a little thing. We were constantly spending endless hours reformatting spreadsheets to be able to import into Avalara only to have Avalara through a error over some field and would have to go back in again, was always a constant battle and huge consumption of time on average 4-5hrs spent reconciling exporting and importing.

Once purchased you will receive via email (within 24-36 hours) containing your logins to your personal environment from there just proceed to the settings page and use the help documentation to configure the api and fill in the settings as needed.

With our service you setup your api at your store and plug in your credentials here. When it comes time to do the monthly reconciliation into Avalara  you come here select your dates and click export. We gather all the necessary data using the secure api and our software rearranges everything into the correct format and delivers a properly formatted spreadsheet  into the files area as well as delivering them via email if you wish.

If you feel you cannot do so we also offer a installation serviceĀ  where as we will configure everything for you.